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EFiCell active charcoal filters provide ISO Coarse 65%/ G4 or ISO ePM2.5 75%/F7 initial efficiency, high velocity of adsorption, low drop of pressure, high dust retention capacity and excellent gas-type pollution adsorption capacity.

EFiCell AC use innovational three-level filtration environment where active charcoal is placed between two levels. Such an extraordinary advanced method provides the ultimate application of physical characteristics of active granular charcoal and unusually long term of filter service.

That filter has been developed to provide efficient filtration of volatile organic components (VOC) and of other low or medium concentration additions. Such additions could generate disgusting smell and sometimes do harm for human health. The principal sources of that undesirable pollution are gases processed by transport means and industrial emissions.

EFiCell AC is combined filter for particles and gases. It is processed from synthetic filtration material with core made of active charcoal.

The frame design is in compliance with typical standard air filter dimensions. Because of space-saving dimensions the most part of already existing filters may replaced with EFiCell AC without any changes in frame construction.


EFiCell AC

Dimensions (P×A×D)



Synthetic compound + active charcoal

Filtration area

12 m2

Filter class (ISO16890 / EN779)

ISO Coarse 65% | G4 or ISO ePM2.5 75% | F7

Initial drop of pressure @ 3400 m3/h

63 Pa (F7)

Maximum recommended temperature

< 60ºC

Recommended relative humidity (RH)

> 40%

Toluene * adsorption capacity

~20% by weight

*Toluene is usually used in testing to specify adsorption capacity of solvent.