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Cylinders with active carbon granules are intended for multiple use, after the filters are clogged, they are filled with new carbon granules. Cylinders can be made of zinked metal, plastic or stainless steel.

Ogles patrona


ØxH mm

Volume Carbon layer thickness Min. contact period Air flow Pressure drop

Max. temperature

Max. humidity
CARB 1500 145x250mm 2,9 l
1.1 kg
26mm 0,10 s 75m³/h 60 Pa 80°C 70%
CARB 2600 145x450mm 4,3 l
2 kg
26mm 0,10 s 150m³/h 82 Pa 80°C 70%
CARB 9000 145x600mm 5,7 l
2.7 kg
26mm 0,10 s 200m³/h 120 Pa 80°C 70%

Metal cylinder

Plastic cylinder

Metāla patrona Plastikāta patrona

Carb diagrams

Montage frames

Montage frames are being produced from zinked metal or stainless steel.

Izmēri mm Patronu skaits
630x630x50 16
325x630x50 8
350x350x50 4
325x325x50 4

Other sizes are available.