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Panel filters have dust retention capacity of pocket filters. They are of small size, have a strong construction. Turbulence does not affect them. Making such filters we use 3 types of materials:

SP (ISO Coarse 65% - ePM10 55%/ G4 - M5) material is non-woven and folded polyester of intensive charge filled with special spatially decomposed material. Folds are located on polystyrene frame covered with polyurethane. Filter material is purposely manufactured in accordance with Emburgas filtri specifications so the ultimate filtration efficiency, high dust retention capacity, low initial pressure drop and strong gathering are provided.

PP (ISO ePM10 55% - ePM1 90%/ M5 - F9) is synthetic filter material that does not originate electrostatic charge and provides high initial labour efficiency. It has high bursting pressure, extraordinary moisture resistance, low drop of pressure and high dust retention capacity. PP filtration material is distinct in high initial standard filtration efficiency in comparison with conventional synthetic filtration materials having low standard efficiency and high probability of electrostatic charge occurrence.

GF (ISO Coarse 50%/ G3) is fibreglass material.

Duststop is intended for coarse dust filtration, the material has antibacterial impregnation.

Paintstop separates paint mist from air. In that way, air pipes, fans and engines are protected against paint sediments.

For panel filters of preliminary purification long term of service has been checked over as well as they have high efficiency   in respect of the considerable part of requirements for environmental conditions.

In 95% cases existing filters of preliminary purification may be replaced with panel filters without any changes in existing assembly of frame construction.

Frames may be made of metal, cardboard or of PVC compound.